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Chemical Magic-- Acid-Base Chemistry


Chemical Concept Demonstrated

  • Acid-base chemistry


Part A.
  • "Water" is poured from the pitcher into the glasses.
  • The contents are then poured back into the pitcher.
  • The pitcher's contents are poured into the milk bottle.

Part B (not shown in video). Six different glasses are obtained.

  • The "water"is poured from another pitcher into the new glasses.
rainbow.gif milk.gif


Part A:  The second and fourth glasses turned red.  When the contents are poured back into the pitcher the solution turns colorless.  The contents in the milk bottle turn a milky white.

Part B:  Each of the glasses turns a different color: red, white, blue, black, green, and amber.


Part A:  The "water" is made up of water, phenolphthalein, and a small amount of dilute acid. (Phenolphthalein changes from colorless to red in the presence of a strong base.) Before the pouring the "water," the first glass contained H2SO4.   The second and fourth glasses contained NaOH.  The third and fifth glasses contained water.   The milk jug contained a saturated solution of SbCl3 in HCl.

Part B:  The "water" is made up of water and ferric ammonium sulfate.   The glasses contained KSCN, BaCl2, K4Fe(CN)6, tannic acid, tartaric acid, NaHSO3.



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