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1ChemWiki: The Dynamic Chemistry E-textbook729718
2Periodic Trends338680
3Electronic Configurations260492
4Ionic and Covalent Bonds226740
5The Rate Law187809
7Bond Order and Lengths140268
8Exothermic vs. Endothermic and K135513
9Precipitation Reactions132934
10Standard Enthalpy of Formation131638
11Group 1: The Alkali Metals124303
12Electronic Orbitals124240
13First-Order Reactions123080
14Gibbs Free Energy120862
15Oxidizing and Reducing Agents112582
16Calculating a Ka Value from a Known pH112150
17Quantum Numbers106121
19Oxidation-Reduction Reactions101824
20Titration of A Weak Acid With A Strong Base99639
21Limiting Reagents99319
22Molecular Orbital Theory99114
23Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter98095
24Heat of Reaction98084
25Hybrid Orbitals97982
26Organic Chemistry96345
27Second-Order Reactions95421
28Group 17: The Halogens93373
29Physical Chemistry91946
30Solubility and Factors Affecting Solubility90605
31Covalent Bonds89643
32Gas Equilibrium Constants: Kc And Kp89347
33Chemical Change vs. Physical Change89266
34The Ideal Gas Law88686
36Heat of Vaporization85501
37Thin Layer Chromatography85102
38Group 2 Elements: The Alkaline Earth Metals82242
39Electron Affinity81803
40Violations of the Octet Rule78995
41Le Châtelier's Principle77460
42Heat Capacity77297
43Zero-Order Reactions77182
44Titration of A Strong Acid With A Strong Base76232
45Titration of a Weak Base With a Strong Acid75898
46Bond Energies75340
47Arrhenius Equation74274
48Connection between \(E_{cell}\), ∆G, and K74070
49Lewis Concept of Acids and Bases73971
50Sub-Atomic Particles73677

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