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1ChemWiki: The Dynamic Chemistry E-textbook707801
2Periodic Trends333539
3Electronic Configurations255805
4Ionic and Covalent Bonds223002
5The Rate Law182863
7Bond Order and Lengths137206
8Exothermic vs. Endothermic and K131976
9Precipitation Reactions130464
10Standard Enthalpy of Formation128213
11Group 1: The Alkali Metals122340
12Electronic Orbitals122306
13First-Order Reactions119610
14Gibbs Free Energy114854
15Oxidizing and Reducing Agents109236
16Calculating a Ka Value from a Known pH108405
17Quantum Numbers103518
19Oxidation-Reduction Reactions98058
20Limiting Reagents97161
21Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter96675
22Molecular Orbital Theory96559
23Hybrid Orbitals96232
24Titration of A Weak Acid With A Strong Base96200
25Heat of Reaction95561
26Organic Chemistry93816
27Second-Order Reactions92852
28Group 17: The Halogens91637
29Physical Chemistry90497
30Solubility and Factors Affecting Solubility88550
31Covalent Bonds88200
32Chemical Change vs. Physical Change87630
33Gas Equilibrium Constants: Kc And Kp87022
35The Ideal Gas Law85874
36Heat of Vaporization83600
37Thin Layer Chromatography82906
38Group 2 Elements: The Alkaline Earth Metals81111
39Electron Affinity80273
40Violations of the Octet Rule77321
41Heat Capacity75964
42Zero-Order Reactions75147
43Le Châtelier's Principle75136
44Titration of a Weak Base With a Strong Acid73477
45Bond Energies73462
46Titration of A Strong Acid With A Strong Base73329
47Sub-Atomic Particles72528
48Arrhenius Equation72453
49Lewis Concept of Acids and Bases71999
50The Mole and Avogadro's Constant71946

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