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Reusch: "Virtual Textbook of OChem"

General Principles

Structure & Bonding

  • Electron Configurations of Atoms
  • Chemical Bonding & Valence
  • Charge Distribution in Molecules
    • Practice Problems
  • The Shape of Molecules
  • Isomers
  • Analysis of Molecular Formulas
  • Resonance
  • Atomic and Molecular Orbitals
    • Practice Problems

Intermolecular Forces

  • Boiling & Melting Points
  • Hydrogen Bonding
  • Crystalline Solids
  • Water Solubility
    • Practice Problems

Chemical Reactivity

  • Reaction Classification
    • By Structural Change
    • By Reaction Type
      • Acid-Base Reactions
      • Oxidations & Reductions
    • By Functional Group
  • Reaction Variables
    • Reactants & Reagents
    • Product Selectivity
    • Other Variables
      • Reaction Rate
      • Intermediates
      • Reaction Energetics
      • Bond Energy
      • Electronic Effects
      • Steric Effects
      • Solvent Effects
  • Reaction Mechanisms
    • Curved Arrow Notation
    • Reactive Intermediates
  • Reaction Illustrations
    • Nucleophilicity & Basicity
    • Acid-Base Catalysis
      • Practice Problems

Stereoisomers Part II

  • Chirality & Symmetry
  • Symmetry Elements
  • Enantiomorphism
  • Optical Activity
  • Configurational Nomenclature
  • Compounds with Several Stereogenic Centers
  • Stereogenic Nitrogen
  • Fischer Projection Formulas
  • Achiral Diastereomers
  • Other Configurational Notations
  • Resolution
  • Conformational Enantiomorphism
    • Practice Problems

Functional Group Reactions


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