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Delmar Larsen

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  1. 1.       Nuclear and Radiochemistry: the First 100 Years
  2. 2.       Basic Properties of the Atomic Nucleus
  3. 3.       Nuclear Reactions
  4. 4.       Nuclear Fission
  5. 5.       Fission Through Triple-Humped Fission Barriers
  6. 6.       Nuclear Fusion
  7. 7.       Kinetics of Radioactive Decay
  8. 8.       Interaction of Radiation with Matter
  9. 9.       Stochastics and Nuclear Measurements
  10. 10.   The Standard Model of Elementary Particles
  11. 11.   Reference Data (Volume 1): The International System of Units (SI)


Volume 2:

12.   Origin of the Chemical Elements

13.   Natural Radioactive Decay Chains

14.   Radioelements

15.   Isotope Effects

16.   Isotopic Paleoclimatology

17.   Radioactive Dating Methods

18.   Production and Chemistry of Transuranium Elements

19.   Production and Identification of Transactinide Elements

20.   Chemistry of Transactinides

21.   Superheavy Elements

22.   Table of the Nuclides (Volume 2)

Woodward-Hoffmann Rules (Cal Tech)


Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide



Advanced Synthetic Stereochemical Concepts


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