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Earn Undergraduate Research Credit by contributing to the ChemWiki development. Contact Dr. Larsen for details

Participation on all levels is encouraged from both specialists and amateurs, and anyone can edit entries. We hope to create a resource that can serve the interested public, students, and experts. While quantiki aims to be more specialised than corresponding entries in the Wikipedia, we hope that the two projects will reinforce each other.


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I’m not sure high-enrollment is the correct frame for this discussion. What we’re really talking about is the essential skills that college students need to succeed, which in turn tend to be the classes that most students will take. Each institution could have many courses that address these skills. Some of these courses will be what we might expect, and other could be unusual.

Rather than struggle to hash out the skills I suggest that we begin with the skills identified by LEAP in their “Essential Learning Outcomes” < http://www.aacu.org/leap/documents/E...omes_Chart.pdf >

  • Inquiry and analysis
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Written and oral communication
  • Quantitative literacy
  • Information literacy
  • Teamwork and problem solving
  1. Water structure and science - Dr. Martin Chaplin's page for everything we do or don't know about water
  2. Sherrill Group at Georgia Tech
  3. Quantum chemistry notes by Dr. C. David Sherrill at Georgia Tech
  4. CCC@UGA- references to lots of stuff
  5. Computational chemistry notes by Dr. William F. Schneider at Notre Dame
  6. Computational Thermochemistry
  7. Quantum chemistry lectures by Dr. Mark S. Gordon
  8. Self-guided introduction to theoretical chemistry by Dr. Jack Simons
  9. Computational Chemistry Wikibooks
  10. Chemistry Wikibook
  11. Computational Chemistry List
  12. Jan L. Martin's group
  13. Literature collection
  14. Fundamental physical constants at NIST
  15. NIST chemistry WebBook

Basis set database at EMSL


Acid-Base & pKa

Acid-Base Practice Problems (UT-Dallas)

Acid-Base Worksheet Supplement

Acids and Bases (University of Iowa)

David Evans pKa Table (Harvard University)

Hans Reich pKa Table (University of Wisconsin – Madison)

Molecular Structure and Acidity (UCLA)

pKa in Organic Chemistry I (Lievens, UC Davis)

Predicting Acid-Base Strength (Lee, UW-Madison)

Advanced Organic Chemistry Concepts & Reactions

Advanced Free Radical Reactions for Organic Synthesis (Hideo Togo)

Advanced Organic Chemistry (Mohammed Movassaghi, MIT)

Chemistry by Design (Advanced, John Njardarson, University of Arizona)

Hydrazone Based Transformations (CHEM 206 Harvard)

Named Organic Reactions (Oxford University)

Named Organic Reactions in Detail

Bayer-Villiger Oxidation (University of Illinois)

Claisen, Cope and Related Rearrangements (Janusz Nowicki)

Favorskii Rearrangement

Mitsunobu Reaction (Swamy, K.C.K. et al., University of Hyderabad)

[3,3] Sigmatropic Rearrangements

Wittig Reaction (Prof. Peter Wipf, University of Pittsburg)

Named Reactions in Organic Chemistry (University of Connecticut)

Named Reagents (Prof. Hans Reich)

Nucleophilicity-Electrophilicity Reactivity Scale (Prof. Herbert Mayr)

Organometallic Chemistry (Gregory Fu, MIT)

Synthetic Organic Chemistry II (Rick Danheiser, MIT)

Totally Synthetic

Woodward-Hoffmann Rules (Cal Tech)

Animated Mechanisms

Animated Mechanisms (Peter Volhard, Berkeley)

Animated Reaction Mechanisms

Mechanisms in Motion: Organic Chemistry Animations (UCSB)

Organic Online (Mechanism Movies & Quizzes)

Arrows & Electron Pushing in Organic Chemistry

Arrow Pushing in Organic Chemistry (Daniel Levy)

Curly Arrow Reaction Mechanisms (University of Aberdeen)

Curved Arrow Formalism

Electron Pushing in Organic Chemistry (Prof. Hans Reich)

Everything You Need to Know About Mechanisms (Iverson)

Pushing Electrons (Daniel Weeks)

Biochemistry Related

Amide Bond Synthesis (Nature)

Amino Acids Guide

Carbohydrate Nomenclature (Queen Mary University, London)

Chemistry of Biomolecules I (Sarah O’Connor, MIT)

Enzyme Nomenclature (Queen Mary University, London)

Carbonyl Chemistry (Donna Blackmond, Imperial College)

Chemgaroo – Organic Chemistry Section (ChemgaPedia)

Chemistry Education Resources for High School Teachers

Chalkboard (Lessons, Handouts, Labs & Worksheets)

Chem Matters Online

ChemSoc Timeline (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Effective Activities for New Chemistry Teachers

Food Chemistry Experiments (ift.org)

Food Science Labs (math.unl.edu)

Forensic Science (Chatham University)

Environmental Chemistry (Beyondbenign.org)

Hunting the Elements (Nova Video)

Learner-Centered Teaching (Usciences.edu)

Learning Difficulties in Chemistry (Teacher Resources)

Lessons in Cosmetic Chemistry (Sciencebuddies.org)

Peer to Peer Learning

Marine Science in Chemistry (ERIC S.E.A Labs)

Making Chemistry Teaching Relevant

NEWTON Teachers (Pedagogy Resources, Videos & Educational Games)

Nova Chemistry (PBS)

Off the Shelf Chemistry (Robert Farber, Bryn Mawr)

Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (Pogil.org)

Resources for Teaching Chemistry (California State University – Northridge)

Royal Society of Chemistry – Learn Chemistry (Teacher Resources)

Women in Chemistry (ChemHeritage.org)

Chemistry Software and Tools (Miscellaneous)

ChemDoodle Drawing Software

ChemPen Chemical Structure Drawing Software

Student’s Guide to Free Chemistry Software

Web 2.0 Scientific Calculator

CIRRUS (Undergraduate Research Opportunities)

Classic Organic Reactions

Experimental Organic Chemistry Resource (Laboratory)

Al’s Notebook of Commonly Used Experimental Procedures

Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Daniel Berger)

Organic Compounds Database (Laboratory Course Aid, Harold Bell, Virginia Tech)

Properties of Common Organic Solvents

Safety Information, MSDS (Prof. Hans Reich, UW-Madison)

Free Radicals

Free Radicals (Reusch)

Free Radicals (Prof. David Klein)

Free Radical Reactions

Free Radical Reactions in Organic Synthesis

Fundamental Concepts, Principles and Terms in Organic Chemistry

Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry (Cal Tech textbook online)

Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry (Queen Mary University, London)

Chemistry Dictionary (Prof. Hans Reich, UW-Madison)

Common Definitions & Terms in Organic Chemistry (University of California – Irvine)

Kantorowski Top 20 Mistakes in Organic Chemistry

OChem Pal Guide to Organic Chemistry Vocabulary

Orbitron Gallery of Atomic & Molecular Orbitals

Priority Table of Functional Groups (Condensed)

Principles of Chemical Science (Catherine Drennan & Elizabeth Vogel Taylor, MIT)

Thermodynamics & Kinetics (Keith Nelson & Moungi Bawendi, MIT)


ChemTiles Game (Oral Roberts University)

Functional Group Matching Game

Organic Molecule Game (Learning Functional Groups)

Spectral Game (Powered by ChemDoodle & ChemSpider, Oral Roberts University)


Glossary of Organic Compound Class Names (Queen Mary University, London)

Glossary of Physical Organic Chemistry Terms (Queen Mary University, London)

Glossary of Medicinal Chemistry Terms (Queen Mary University, London)

Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry (UCLA)

Heterocyclic Chemistry

Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry (Katritzky, et al.)

Heterocyclic Chemistry (William Pearson)

Short Course on Heterocyclic Chemistry (Alan Katritzky, University of Florida)

Synthesis of Aromatic Heterocycles

Synthesis of Heterocycles

Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds (University of Eastern Finland)

Interactive Study Aids

ChemTube3D (Interactive Organic Reaction Mechanisms, University of Liverpool)

Electronic Organic Chemistry Flashcards (Ohio State University)

First Year Chemistry (University of Sydney)

Chemical Calculator

Color and Light

Crystal Structures

Empirical Formula

Molar Mass

Molecular Orbital Diagram Maker

Unit Converter

Interactive Organic Mechanisms (Oxford University)

OCHeM.com (Virtual Notecards, Tutorials, Exam Archive, Practice Problems)

Physical Constants, SI Units and Uncertainty of Measurements

Links to Other Organic Sites (UCLA)

Macs in Chemistry

Mathematical Equations (Definitely Not Organic!)

Organic Chemistry Lectures Online

Free Online Chemistry Courses

Organic Chemistry I (Kimberly Berkowski & Sarah O’Connor, MIT)

Organic Chemistry II (Kimberly Berkowski & Timothy Jamison, MIT)

UC Berkeley Chemical Structure and Reactivity Lectures (Peter Vollhardt)

UC Irvine Organic Chemistry Lectures (James Nowick)

Organic Chemistry Portal

Organic Chemistry Practice Exams, Problems, Quizzes

O-Chem Examination Papers & Solutions (University of Calgary)

O-Chem Hourly Examinations and Solutions (Princeton University)

Organic Chemistry Practice Problems (William Reusch, Michigan State University)

Organic Chemistry Practice Problems at Michigan State University (William Reusch)

Organic Chemistry Sample Exam Generator (Stony Brook University)

Organic Reaction Quizzes & Summaries

Two Hundred Exercises in Mechanistic Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Reaction Mechanisms (See Arrows / Electron Pushing)


Understanding Chemistry – Organic Mechansims

Organic Chemistry Textbooks Online

Organic Chemistry (Francis A. Carey, Calgary)

William Reusch Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry (Michigan State University)

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide

Organic Nomenclature

Introduction to Organic Nomenclature

IUPAC Nomenclature

Organic Nomenclature

Organic Reaction – ACS Chemical Biology

Pedagogy in Chemistry (Higher Education)

Guide to Teaching [Chemistry] With Modules (Stewart & Wilkerson, Hope College)

Introductory Chemical Experimentation (Janet Schrenck, et al., MIT)

Teaching of Chemistry – Logical or Psychological? (Teacher Resources)

Teaching College-Level Science (Janet Rankin, MIT)

Teaching Devices to Make Learning Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Easier (Donna Nelson, University of Oklahoma)

Periodic Table

Periodic Table of Videos (University of Nottingham)

Visual Elements Periodic Table (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Web Elements Periodic Table

Reagents for Organic Chemistry (Wikipedia)

Recommended Textbooks

Organic Chemistry (Prof. David Klein)

Organic Chemistry as a Second Language, 1st Semester, 3e (Prof. David Klein)

Organic Chemistry as a Second Language, 2nd Semester, 3e (Prof. David Klein)

Pushing Electrons 4e (Prof. Daniel P. Weeks)

Research Experience for Undergraduates (National Science Foundation)

Research Groups, Organic Chemistry (Matt McIntosh)

Retrosynthetic Analysis

Retrosynthetic Analysis and Synthesis Problems (D.J. Wardrop)

Retrosynthetic Analysis of Robinson Annulation Products

Retrosynthesis, Stereochemistry and Conformations

Undergraduate Organic Synthesis Guide (Paul Bracher)

Spectroscopy and Structural Elucidation

Infrared Spectroscopy (Reusch)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Basic NMR (Dhavale)

The Basics of NMR (Joseph P. Hornak, Rochester Institute of Technology)

NMR and Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Basics (Rochester Institute of Technology)

NMR Periodic Table of Nuclear Spins

NMR Spectroscopy Principles and Applications (Henry Rzepa, Imperial College)

NMR Spectroscopy Problems (UCLA)

NMR Spectroscopy Self-Study Booklet (J.L. Hopton)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Reusch)

Organic Structure Determination (Jeff Simpson & Timothy Jamison, MIT)

Organic Structure Elucidation (Notre Dame)

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (AIST)

WebSpectra (Problems in NMR and IR Spectroscopy, UCLA)


Advanced Synthetic Stereochemical Concepts

Chirality & Odor Perception (Prof. John C. Leffingwell)

Organic Stereochemistry (Prof. Alan Spivey)

Review of Stereochemistry

Stereochemistry: An Introduction (Harding, UCLA)

Stereochemistry Tutorial (Harding, UCLA)

Supplementary Notes for Stereochemistry (UT-Dallas)

Substitution-Elimination Reactions

Determining the Product of Substitution-Elimination Reactions

Substitution-Elimination Flowchart

Substitution vs. Elimination Flowchart (Non-Acidic Conditions, check your downloads folder for this PowerPoint document)

WikiPremed MCAT Course

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