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Table of Contents

Podcast Webpages:

Webpages for ALL Topics:

Atomic Structure:

History of Atomic Theory

History of Atomic Theory

parts of an atom

Lewis Dot Structures

Average Atomic Mass

Electron Configuration

Electron Configuration

Hunds, Aufbau, Pauli Exclusion

Periodic Table

History of the Periodic Table

Periodic trends

Periodic table information on groups—Lots of useful information here. (You can
also click on links to the right for each group in the periodic table)

Bonding Websites:

Ionic, Covalent, and Lewis Dot Structures

metallic bonds

naming compounds

naming compounds

VSEPR Theory

VSEPR Theory

Matter Websites:

Basic Information

Classifying Matter

Definitions of Matter Types

More Detail about Types of Matter

Physical/Chemical Changes

Physical/Chemical Properties

Extensive and Intensive Properties

Solid, Liquid, Gas

Chemical Equations

How to balance equations

Law of Conservation of Mass

Types of Reactions

Illustration of 5 Types

The Mole and Stoichiometry

The Mole

More Mole

Percent Composition

Empirical and Molecular Formulas

Dimensional Analysis for Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry (LOTS OF DETAIL)/Limiting Reagent

Example Stoichiometry Problems/ Limiting Reagent
Theoretical and % Yield
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