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DVC Chem 121: Rusay

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Diablo Valley College 
General Chemistry II (
Chem 121)
 Prof. Ron Rusay

Chem 120      Chem 121     Chem 226      Chem 227

Unit I: Electrochemistry            Unit II: Inorganic Chemistry           Unit III: Chemical Kinetics          Unit IV: Nuclear Chemistry

The teaching style of these sections of Chem 121 incorporates many innovations in undergraduate teaching methods and technological materials, which depart from, but are built upon traditional textbook-lecture centered science courses. The organization and approach are likely quite different from other courses that you are experienced in and comfortable with. The material will not be treated linearly as simple page turning in relation to the course textbook. You will be challenged personally and collectively. You will be asked to find and access a variety of information, to appraise its value, and to use it constructively to answer questions, to solve problems, and to build knowledge. You will have various assets and tools available that go well beyond the textbook and lecture notes. You will need to decide how to use them effectively, and to develop your own personal learning plan accordingly. Not all knowledge in chemistry will be provided to you to repeat back accurately for a grade as you are accustomed to in most courses. Your plan will most likely be different than anyone else's. Without a plan that you can use productively and adjust as the course progresses, you will likely not meet your personal objectives. This metacognitive approach to teaching-learning will translate to any of your other courses and more importantly empower you to effectively address any topic in any discipline at anytime in your careers.

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