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HOPE Chem 344: Krueger

Physical Chemistry II (CHE 344) Quantum Mechanics    
Instructor: Dr. Krueger


Extra Credit Project, Spring 2014.  Develop Blinder Quantum Chemistry page:

Under Construction / Blinder Quantum Chemistry

The source (Blinder) page is located here.

Unit I: Breakdown of Classical Theory

There is a reason that we study Quantum Mechanics. It describes the nature of small systems (e.g. chemicals) well when classical Newtonian theory simply fails.

Unit VI: Approximations

Somtimes, just knowing the equations that must be solved just isn't enough; we still cannot solve them since they are too complex. Hence, we require approximations to get some useful QM results.

Unit II: Classic Oscillations

  • Classical Wave Equation
  • Solution of Wave Eqn w/ Boundary Conditions
  • Solution of Wave Eqn (con't)
  • Normal Modes
  • Fourier Analysis, Interference
  • 2-D & 3-D Wave Eqn Solutions

Unit VII: Atoms

Unit III: Schrödinger Equation

Now, expand the intuition from Classical Oscillations into the relm of Quantum Mechanics.

Unit VIII: Angular Momentum

Unit IV: Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

Unit IX: Symmetry in Multi-Electron Atoms

  • Electron Spin
  • Identical Particles
  • Antisymmetry Principle
  • Helium Electron Configurations
  • Slater Determinant

Unit V: Harmonic Oscillator & Rigid Rotors

Unit X: Molecules

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