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UCD Chem 110B


Group theory. Application of quantum mechanics to polyatomic molecules and molecular spectroscopy. Intermolecular forces and the gas, liquid and solid states. Distributions, ensembles and partition functions. Transport properties.

Unit II: Group Theory

Unit III: Molecular Spectroscopy

  • Vibration-rotation spectra of diatomics
  • Electronic Spectra of diatomics
  • Franck-Condon Principle
  • rotation of polyatomics
  • vibration of polyatomics
  • normal modes
  • Electronic spectra of polyatomics
  • Selection rules
  • Connection to group theory

Unit IV: Gases and Statistical Thermodynamics

  • Intermolecular forces
  • ideal gas equation
  • non-ideal gas equations
  • Boltzmann distribution
  • ensembles
  • translational partition function
  • rotational partition function
  • vibrational partition function
  • electronic partition function
  • Maxwell distribution

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