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Mulliken Electronegativity

Mulliken Electronegativity is simply the average of the first ionization energy and electron affinity. Unlike Pauling Electronegativity, Mulliken's equations are absolute and need no starting reference point. (from reference 1)

xm = (IE1+EA1)/2 (from reference 1)



Mulliken's background and the significance of this equation. He did all this in 1934! (reference 2)

The Equation

Derivation of Mulliken's equation, what each of the terms are, and what this equation gives you

Why it is significant

How this equation is better than other predictions of electronegativity, and how this equation is worse.

Mulliken's equation predicts electronegativity better than just looking at the IE and EA


  1. Mulliken, R. S. (1934). "A New Electroaffinity Scale; Together with Data on Valence States and on Valence Ionization Potentials and Electron Affinities". Journal of Chemical Physics 2: 782–793.
  2. Housecroft Catherine, Alan Sharpe. "Inorganic Chemistry". Essex: Pearson Education Limited, 2008.

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