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UCD Chem 105: Lab Manual

Table of Contents

This manual is the culmination of the efforts of many individuals. While some of the experiments are "classics", and appear in various forms in many Quantitative Analysis textbooks and laboratory manuals, much effort was expended to ensure that the experiments work well here at U.C. Davis and thus each experiment has been extensively tailored for our laboratory program. We view this manual as one of continual modification, and often improvements arise from comments and criticisms. We thus encourage you to discuss ideas for improvements with your TA and instructor.


Many faculty, teaching assistants, staff members, and students have been involved in this developmental process. While they are all too numerous to mention here, special acknowledgement must be given to Professor Donald P. Land, Professor Carlito B. Lebrilla, Professor Dino Tinti, Professor W. Ron Fawcett, Professor Ting Guo, Dr. Dara Gilbert, Dr. Fred Wood, Dr. John R. Berg, and Kymron B.J. deCesare for their efforts to continually improve these experiments for the benefit of the student. Thanks also to K.D. Hutches for revisions in Spring 2006.

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